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How It Works

How to Start Your Order

  1. Go to Customize Artwork product page, and select the number of characters (pets or people) in order to customize your illustration.
  2. Choose the Illustration Style.
    • Cartoon: Vector Art.
    • Watercolor: Realistic Digital Painting.
    • Caricature: Coming in 2022.
  3. Choose the Package.
    • Basic: Half Body.
    • Standard: Full Body.
  4. Add a Name of your pet.
    • Add your pet's name to be shown on the portrait.
  5. Upload your image(s).
    • Please attach high-quality photos to get the best results.
    • Including reference photos will help our artists for similar accuration.
    • The most important part of your order is the quality of the image you upload. Click here to review the guidelines.
    • IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This is a Digital Edition, Not a Canvas or Framed Portrait.
      You will receive the JPG/PNG high resolution files of portrait within your email inbox so be sure to leave your email when checking out!
  6. Describe details pertaining to your portrait.
    • Add any notes for our artist to follow (describe clothing, background, eye color, hair, poses). PLEASE be as specific as possible.
      Please provide us with as much information as possible in your drawing notes to help our artists get your illustration perfect. Any details not specified will be assumed by our artists and any changes to the final illustration which were not included in your original drawing notes may result in additional charges.
    • An option to add a Faster Processing will be offered after you upload a photo and click the add to cart button, and your digital edition order should be listed in the cart page.
    • You can now add more products on product pages (Shop Now on the top menu) if you wish to print your digital edition artwork on a various products.
    • For returning customers who wish to print the digital edition art work they have already bought, simply find the products on Shop Now pages on the top menu and add the products to the cart using the previous order number.
  8. Please check your SPAM Folder for Digital Orders and Confirmations.

Photo Guidelines

In order to create the perfect pet portrait for you, it is crucial to provide us in good quality photos that were taken from the right angle. However, taking photos of our pets is not an easy task. Getting them to play, eat and sleep beside you is easier that making them pose for the camera. This is understandable because our pets do not really understand what we are trying to do. Please follow these tips for our designers to deliver better quality art work!

  • Accessories: We will illustrate your pet's accessories so make sure to take off any accessory if you don't want it in the portrait.
  • Color: Use color photos to place an order. Make sure that your pet’s coloring is not distorted in the photos.
  • Lighting: The best photos are taken in well-lighted or natural light settings. Ensure the whole face & neck is visible and not in shadows.
  • Location: We recommend taking the photo in a brightly lit room or outdoors using a smartphone or high quality camera.
  • Pose: Take your pet photo at eye level with your pet. Make sure your pet's entire head is in picture (no ears are out of frame). It works best if your pet is looking directly at the camera or looking away from the camera.
  • Quality: Make sure that your photos are in high resolution and not blurry. Close up photos work best so we can see their unique facial features.
  • We recommend that you upload the biggest and highest resolution photos you have that are formatted as "jpg", "png", or "tiff".
Avoid Bad Lighting

The shadows overpower the pet, and it is hard to catch the characteristics.

Avoid side angles

Only the partial face is shown due to the angle and cut-off foot.

No accessary

Make sure to take off any accessory if you don't want it in the portrait.

Good Photo

The whole face and neck are clearly visible, and the light is good.

Not sure about your photo?

Please email us at info@meowoofportraits.com with your image, and our specialists will direct you with the solution. If your beloved pet is no longer with you, we will go above and beyond when creating their memorable portrait with the photos you have. Don't worry, We will make it work!